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Torchie Challenge

Torchie's Picnic Pics!

Some of you have been making the most of the sunshine and getting out for a picnic. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!

Where is Torchie?


Dear Boys and Girls of Killowen,

School is so quiet without you all and Torchie misses the buzz and excitement of a normal day when you are all here. The House Competition continues to go on and this week I have a special challenge for you, called ‘Where’s Torchie?'

Torchie has been out and about the school and the challenge is for you to find out which classroom, office, corridor or outdoor area, each picture was taken in.

The challenge is divided up into 3 groups:-

  1. For P1-2, if you can identify your own classroom, you will get 2 House Points.
  2. For P3-4, if you can identify your own classroom and 3 other places you will get 5 House points.
  3. For P5, P6 & P7, try and find as many as you can, writing them in order 1-30. You will get a point for each correct one and 5 extra points if you get all 30 correctly identified. If you are stuck on some, leave them out and move on to the next one.

When you have got as many as you can, send the answers to me by email on or before 5pm Friday 8th May at amulligan687@c2kni.net

Make sure you give me your full name, your class name and most importantly which house you are in, so I can award you House Points for each correct answer.

This will give me lots of READING and COUNTING practice!


Mr Mulligan


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