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Here are some suggested activities for you to carry out this month.

Please don't feel that you're expected to do all of this!

 You could maybe choose one or two to give a go each day.

Week Beginning Monday 27th April

This was the week in Nursery when 5 little eggs should have arrived. They would have stayed in a warm incubator for a few days and then the little chicks would peck their way out of their egg. This part is a bit yucky but perfectly normal. We would then transfer them into a larger heated cage where we would give them food and water and they could cheep lots and lots and run around like a crazy chick! Claire is the name of the farmer and we give her the little chicks back to live free on her farm.


Maybe you could think of names for chicks and I’ll pass them on to Claire.

Week Beginning Monday 20th April

Easter themed activities