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Here are some suggested activities for you to carry out this month.

Please don't feel that you're expected to do all of this!

 You could maybe choose one or two to give a go each day.

Week beginning Monday 1st June (and including 28th and 29th May)

Week Beginning Monday 18th May

Week Beginning Monday 11th May

This week the postman should have delivered 10 caterpillars to Killowen Nursery. The tiny, tiny caterpillars come in a little tub with enough food to munch on for some days. They grow fatter and fatter and eventually make a little blanket for themselves. They tuck themselves in their chrysalis (cocoon) and hang upside down. After some time they are ready to come out of their old home. Putting them in a netted basket means they stay safe until they are strong. They are not caterpillars now, they are beautiful butterflies and we would have set them free on a sunny day.

I’m sorry that you have missed out on some of these special experiences but take a look at the video.

Hope you are all safe and well.

Week Beginning Monday 4th May