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Personal Social Emotional development underpins all other learning. Children’s emotional well being is so so important. If  a child does not feel safe and secure they will not learn. We are in the  priviledged position of developing a rapport and a trust with the children.


Language development is accessed across all of the learning areas. Language is crucial to living and learning. Within any group of children there may be a wide range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and needs. It is crucial to recognise and value each child’s ability to provide appropriate support. In Nursery we aim to have stimulating play based activities across all areas of learning to enhance language and communication. We have great links with Speech and Language therapists should there be any concerns about your child’s speech.


Early maths experiences – staff aim to encourage and use mathematical language as the children develop an awareness of number, shape, space, size, quantity etc. Very much like language development all areas of play can link into maths development.


Physical development and movement – we are lucky enough to have an extensive outdoor classroom. All of this is planned for. We aim to develop gross motor skills through kicking, throwing, catching developing balance and coordination. Fine motor skills are developed through activities such as mark making, cutting, screwing, threading to develop hand eye coordination. Development of gross motor skills is also important to your child’s long term physical and mental well being.


World Around Us – children are constantly trying to make sense of the world around them. Through play based learning we want children to observe and explore their environment looking at themselves, their home, their school and wider community. Looking at lifecycles, planting, seasonal work as well as the properties of natural materials. Caring for themselves, keeping healthy and taking responsibility for their own environment are also address.


The Arts – being creative is about experimenting and problem solving. Creative play again can be indoors or outdoors. It aids emotional development and social interaction as well as having a therapeutic value. Children benefit greatly from natural materials exploring textures, manipulating the items, investigating and creating. Above all children’s creations have to be valued as they are valued by your child.