Meet the Staff

Principal:         Mrs F Douglas

Vice Principal: Mr A Mulligan


Secretarial Staff: Mrs L McDonald and Mrs S Moore


Nursery Unit

Nursery teachers: Mrs K Brown and Miss C Bittle

Nursery Assistants: Mrs J Mulligan and Mrs E Kerr


Primary school staff

Primary 1 Teachers: Mrs E Doran and Mrs K Stanfield

Primary 2 Teachers: Mrs G Wilson and Mrs N Ringland

Primary 3 Teachers: Mrs T Boomer, Mrs R Mullender and Mrs H Cowan

Primary 4 Teachers: Mrs L Weir and Mr D McComb

Primary 5 Teachers: Mr S Bittle and Mrs G Stacey

Primary 6 Teachers: Ms C Chan and Mrs F Wilson

Primary 7 Teachers: Mrs J McCaffrey and Mr R Morgan

Learning Support teachers: Mrs J Mawson and Miss M McCabe


Classroom Assistants

Foundation stage: Miss A Hughes, Mrs L Devlin, Mrs A Crichton, Mrs E Hinds and Mr R Evans

Key stage 1: Mrs J Boyes, Mrs B Payne, Miss N Reid and Miss S Hall

Key stage 2: Mrs H Broadhurst, Mrs P Houston, Mrs P Turtle, Mrs L Patton, Mrs E Sleator and Mrs A McGuigan


Building Supervisor: Mr B Jamison

Lunchtime Supervisors: Mrs F Rollins, Mr K Rollins, Mrs J Smyth and 12 classroom assistants.

Cleaning staff: Mr K Rollins, Mrs B Payne, Mrs L Patton and Mrs H Elwood