Learning Support

We are so fortunate to have a dedicated Learning Support team. The team comprises of two SENCos, a part time Literacy teacher and part time Numeracy teacher with a range of knowledge and experience between them all along with the fabulous resources that we have.

We have invested in three purpose-built specialised Learning Support rooms including one fully equipped sensory room.

We support children from P1 right through to P7. Children selected for support are boosted to achieve to the best of their ability. Our aim in Learning support is to identify and remove any possible barriers to learning. We monitor children’s progress closely and then design a programme of suitable intervention accordingly.

Intervention lessons are delivered through hands-on games and experiences designed to make learning fun and easily accessible. The children develop their learning in literacy, mathematics and in developing positive social interactions in relaxed and stimulating surroundings.

We have an in-house programme of reading intervention called Reading Partnership with trained Classroom Assistants for pupils of Primary 4 age. We also work closely with vetted community volunteers to deliver further interventions in reading and mentoring Primary 5 pupils through the highly acclaimed ‘Business in Community’ initiative. We also use Maths Recovery intervention programme strategies in small groups and in our mathematics classes. Resources and techniques used are colourful, memorable and proven to successfully increase results.

Children who have received ‘Learning Support’ at Killowen have gone on to flourish in their classroom and beyond. However, don’t take my word for it, just ask our pupils! 


“Mrs Mawson’s room is nice, it feels safe and happy and I like all the colours. The stools are comfy and I learn different stuff every time I am there. I like doing challenges to learn stuff better. I learn a lot of things and I love the playdough and sand best. It is really awesome”

P5 pupil


“I enjoyed my time in Learning Support because I had so much fun playing games and using cool things like the coloured sand, board games, whiteboards and puppets. I learnt all my words and now I am a good reader. I likes doing numbers with my friends and the room is so clean and colourful.”

P6 Pupil


“I love it when I am in the room with Mrs Mawson. It smells nice and you know there is no pressure if you make mistakes. She gives me time to think things through and has great ideas on how to help you remember stuff. It doesn't feel like work more like play but  I always feel really confident going back to class. When I was smaller I didn’t really understand numbers but now I do, it’s easy.”

P7 Pupil

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