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Online Classrooms

(Updated 14/9/20)

 Please click here to go to our Nursery Home Learning page.


This year your child will have access to two Google Classrooms which have been set up for two different purposes. The first of these is the Homework Classroom which your child’s teacher will use weekly to set homework and share important information. The second is the Remote Learning Classroom which will only be used if your child’s class is quarantined or school is forced to close.


Homework Classroom

All of your child’s homework for the week will be shared in the Homework Classroom every Monday, to be completed by Thursday. All work will appear in the Classwork area of the Classroom. This will consist of:


  • Spellings
  • Reading
  • Mental math facts
  • One literacy task (to be digitally submitted)
  • One numeracy task (to be digitally submitted)


When your child has finished a part of the homework, click ‘Mark as done’ in the assignment they have completed. If the task is a quiz assignment you can click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the form. Your child’s teacher will assess the work and provide brief feedback digitally.


Please note that comments are disabled in the Homework Classroom. Teachers will explain the homework and answer any questions in class. 


Remote Learning Classroom

This Classroom will only be used in the event of your child’s class being quarantined or if school is forced to close. Tasks will appear in the Classwork area of the Classroom at 9pm the night before they are to be completed. Your child will be asked to complete three tasks per day including literacy and numeracy. 


When your child has completed a task click ‘Marked as done’ in the assignment. Your child’s teacher may ask for a photograph of completed work or a Google Doc to be sent as an attachment, or they may use a Quiz Assignment. Your child’s teacher will assess each piece of work and provide brief feedback digitally. 


Teachers will be active in the online classroom and may respond to any comments or emails between the hours of 9am-3pm.


How to log on to Google Classroom

This is a short guide to logging onto Google Classroom for the first time. We will send parents an email on Friday 11th September which will include your child's username and recently changed password. Your child has already been invited into the Classrooms, and will not need a 'class code'. To log on for the first time you will need:

Once you have logged on you should be able to save your login information. Alternatively may wish to install the Google Classroom App which is available for free through the app store. The login information is the same for both.


  1. Open up the Classroom App or webpage
  2. In the top right corner there is a circle with a letter in it - this is the icon for which account is logged in
  3. Choose your child’s account (ending with @c2ken.net)
  4. If their account is not already an option then:
    • Click ‘add another account’
    • Enter your child’s email address (e.g. jsmith123@c2ken.net)
    • If it asks for an organisational account then re-enter the email address
    • Enter your child’s password
  5. You should now see the Classrooms your child has access to  

Click here to go directly to the Google Classroom website/app.

Switching Accounts (e.g. for siblings)

If you’re signed in to multiple accounts and need to switch to the account that you use with Classroom:

  1. At the top of the screen, click your profile image or initial.
  2. Select the account.



Ensure you are using your child's @c2ken.net account for Google Classroom. If not, you won't be able to open some attachments.

If you are using a tablet or phone you might need to update the password. To do this click the coloured circle with your child's initial in it and select 'Manage your Google Account', then 'Sign-in & security', then 'Change your password'.

This page will be updated if other common issues arise.

1. Clicking the Google Classrooms link above will take you to this log in page.

2. Type in your C2K email address                               e.g. jsmith123@c2ken.net

3. Type your email address again, followed by your recently changed password.

4. Your child has already been invited to join two classrooms, which should appear here.

5. Click 'Join class' to gain access to both Google Classrooms.

This is a short video guide to using these steps to login to Google Classroom for the first time.