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Online Classrooms

This page has been set up for teachers to make work available to pupils and their families when our school is closed. 


We have now set up online classrooms for all year groups from P1-P7 where you can access work to complete each weekday.  Work will be available from the morning of Monday 23rd March. Each morning your teacher will submit work to the online classroom. You can complete the work in your 'online learning' book.


Please click here to go to our Nursery Home Learning page.

How to log on to Google Classroom

This is a short guide to logging onto Google Classroom for the first time. We will send parents a text message with your child's password and unique 'class code' on Friday afternoon. Please note that no work will appear on Google Classroom until Monday morning.

You will need:

  • your C2K email address (e.g. jsmith123@c2ken.net)
  • your recently reset password (contained within text message)
  • your 'class code' for Google Classrooms (contained within text message)

Once you have logged on you should be able to save your login information. Alternatively may wish to install the Google Classroom App which is available for free through the app store. The login information is the same for both.

1. Clicking the Google Classrooms logo will take you to this log in page.

2. Type in your C2K email address                               e.g. jsmith123@c2ken.net

3. Type your email address again, followed by your recently changed password.

4. If this is your first time using Google Classrooms, click the plus icon to join your class.

5. Enter the class code which you will have received by text message.

This is a short video guide to using these steps to login to Google Classroom for the first time.